Steep slope roofs are roofs with pitches(or slopes) 3:12 or greater.  They are a long time favorite of building owners and architects because of their aesthetics, economics appeal, long lifespan, durability and the fact they have little or no maintenance obligations.

The great thing about steep slope roofs is the fact that they literally live up to their names.  Steep slopes are designed to incline or “slope” at such a point that they are able to keep off the build up and debris such as fallen leaves and limbs that are common disadvantages to other roofing systems.  They are also built to accelerate water run off which prevents mold and mildew.

Steep slope roofing systems are highly fashionable in the roofing industry because they can completely change and enhance the look of any facility they are installed on. They are made up of some of the lightest roofing materials, which means less stress on a facility’s support and structural frame.

JRS offers many different types of steep slope roof systems including:

  • Concrete
  • Clay tiles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Roll roofing
  • Wood shakes
  • Slate
  • Metal

For a complete list of the different steep slope systems we offer, contact us today.  We look forward to answering all your questions!