If you need an exceptionally strong roof system where wind uplift is a problem or a concern, then Spray Polyurethane Foam just may be the system for you.

Spray Polyurethane Foam, otherwise known as “Foam” roof systems, are applied in a two-part liquid process. This liquid process dries very quickly to form a waterproof barrier. This barrier is what helps to give Spray Polyurethane Foam the highest rated insulation “R” value.

Once the Foam roof is installed, it has to be coated. This special coating protects the foam from the elements. JRS installs this coating with silicone, ploy urea, urethane, or acrylic coating.

Foam roofing systems are perfect “green solutions’ for building sustainability and for reducing energy use. A Foam Roofing system can be used in all types of roofing situations.

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