A Photovoltaic roof system converts sunlight into electricity. This roof system is becoming increasingly popular in today’s economy because it generates electricity from something that is free and abundant – sunlight. The electricity produced is considered free electricity since no fuels or gasses were used to generate it. Not only is this system cost effective, it has proven to be a major power source as well because of its many economic benefits and constant reliability. Because this energy source is free, abundant, long- lasting, and highly reliable, and requires little or no maintenance, the benefits of photovoltaics far outweighs the actual cost of the system itself.

So how does a photovoltaic roof system work?

Simply put, photovoltaic roof system is made up of a series of solar panels and silicon wafer semiconductors fashioned to induce electricity from sunlight. The panels are arranged in such a way that the small electrical current from the sun’s energy can be conveyed into a stronger, direct electric current that can be utilized to recharge a battery, run equipment, or even power a facility. Essentially, this system can save a business operating under a large facility hundreds to thousands of dollars each year while at the same time reducing dependence on fueled or gassed electrical systems.

Aside from the cost and conservation benefits, clients purchasing this type of roof system may also be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to thirty percent of the system cost! They may also eligible for an MACRS tax deduction as well as other rebates and incentives.

At JRS, we offer several different types of photovoltaic systems, However, before choosing any type of photovoltaic roof system, there are several things you should consider:

For example, is your facility located in an area that allows it to take full advantage of the sun? Are there local area restrictions that might prohibit installation of this type of system? What type of elements determine which type of photovoltaic system is right for you?

For more information on the benefits, costs, and for assistance in finding out if this system is right for you, please contact JRS for your free consultation today!