A garden roof is one of the most unique types of green roofing systems in the fact that live plants, trees, and even vegetation are installed on a commercial roof for a natural landscape. Properly installed garden roofs have been proven to extend the overall lifespan of a roof system and can outlast the average roof by several years.

There are also several other benefits to having a garden roof.  For example, garden roofs have been known to control water runoff caused by storms and reduces the glare caused by harsh sunlight to surrounding buildings.  Garden roofs also increase oxygen production and can save energy by reducing your overall rooftop temperature.

JRS offers two types of garden roofs. They are Extensive and Intensive.

Extensive garden roofs require the least amount of maintenance and include a planting system that is eight inches or less in depth.  This type of roof system is intended for energy and cost conservation only and is not intended for public access.

Intensive garden roofs require more maintenance and upkeep in the fact that they are actually pre-planned and designed for aesthetic enjoyment as well as energy and cost conservation. Plants for intensive garden roofs can range up to several feet and is intended for public access.

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