Whether we realize it or not, natural daylight is actually a vital element in our everyday life. Generally, the desired pattern and key to a healthier life is for us to sleep at night and work and be active during the daylight hours. Daylight is a fundamental part of our lives in the way that it provides efficiency and safety for everyone in our environment because our brain actually functions and responds to the stimulus of daylight. That means that we are more alert, productive and have more energy when we are exposed to natural light as opposed to light from an electric source or bulb.  This can be extremely advantageous in the workforce.

In fact, studies show that providing natural daylight in interior workspaces, increases employee health, performance and productivity resulting in higher sales and lower absenteeism.  Unlike electrical lighting, natural daylight provides an aesthetically soothing environment for people to work and interact while at the same time cutting costs,  reducing gas emissions and the load on power plants which are by-products of generating electricity.

So what exactly is daylighting and what are the ways you can take advantage of it in your facility?

Daylighting is a type of roofing system that is designed to allow natural sunlight to brighten the interior of a facility during the day without depending so much on electrical lighting.  It is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption within a facility and can even result in dramatic reductions in electricity costs by as much as seventy percent.

There are three principle types of material used to provide natural sunlight into facilities.  They are glass, glass reinforced polyester, and polycarbonate.  JRS uses these key materials along with prismatic skylights and sensor technology to determine and regulate the amount of light needed during daylight hours.  Our roofing systems also have the capability of harvesting daylight with the use of light tubes which allows them to sense when to conserve energy when the lights are not needed.

At JRS, we offer a number of different energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing daylighting designs tailored to meet your standards and fit your building’s needs.

If you would like more information on our daylighting roof services, please contact us!