In today’s society, “go green” has become quite a familiar phrase. In fact, these days, “green” is practically everywhere from the news, newspapers, politics, fashion, and technology – you almost can’t escape it. Green is even all over the internet and now with the Planet Green TV network, you can experience eco-friendly television all day long.

Go green has definitely raised awareness of the consequences of global climate change and the importance of the preservation of our natural resources. It has even sparked the worldwide environmental movement known as the “Sustainability Movement” which helps protect and sustain the environment we live in by encouraging everyone to re-use and recycle limited supplies and materials. In doing so, we are able to conserve energy and other natural resources in order to be less intrusive to our environment.

So, you’re probably wondering by now what exactly “Go Green” and the “Sustainability Movement” have to with a commercial roofing company. Well, we like to do our part too. Here at JRS, we offer a variety of “eco-friendly” roofing systems including garden roofs, photovoltaic installations, interior daylight (such as skylight installations) and more.

All of our systems are cost efficient and are designed to have little impact on our environment as possible. We decided to go a step further by using materials such as low volatile organic compounds for sealants and adhesives. We also provide systems that are made from post-consumer waste and recycled aluminum. We can even install your new roof right over your old and existing asphalt shingles, thus eliminating the need to discard anything. And the best part is our go green techniques are cost-friendly – so you save money while saving our planet! 

For more information on our green roofs, please contact us and we will provide answers to your questions!